Monday, February 22, 2010

some folks just cant handle the fame

today I was going about my business, totaly inocent pirate stuff. when low and behold our friend
Generalaltair contacts me;

GeneralAltair > hi
bernard mckrill > morning! havent seen you in a while
GeneralAltair > have u deleted that convo
bernard mckrill > no
GeneralAltair > go !@#$%^&*()!@$%* then

if you cannot take the sheer volumes of fame that come with winding up on an immensely famous pirate blog... than you probably shouldn't smack at them

as a little aside. I inflicted absolutely 0 damage against his fail fit megathron


Thursday, February 18, 2010

The great POS bash!

pos kill

The call went out over the coms as I woke from a small nap. an unarmed POS left lonely in aechee.. I'm in i thought to myself as i fired up the manticore to spread chaos and destruction. When I got there I maneuvered to a quaint sleepy pos.

sleepy pos

The Fun Begins

as we started to work on the shields

space ships

what do you mean YOU FORGOT THE STRONTHIUM!!!


All of which brings us to this




Friday, January 29, 2010

my very first tears, and tech support

bernard mckrill > hi
GeneralAltair > why did u kill me
GeneralAltair > i lost 70 millon
GeneralAltair > pls not again
bernard mckrill > oops
GeneralAltair > thank u for destrying my capsule
bernard mckrill > were pleased to do our part
GeneralAltair > but why did u kill mw
GeneralAltair > me*
bernard mckrill > what other games do you play besides eve?
GeneralAltair > nothing
GeneralAltair > only eve
Golden Helmet > Hello
bernard mckrill > please hold for our customer servise department
Golden Helmet > I'm told you have questions in regards to our services rendered
Golden Helmet > Please be aware that once services are rendered, refunds are impossible
Golden Helmet > All conversations may be recorded for training purposes
Golden Helmet > What is the problem?
GeneralAltair > ?
GeneralAltair > U KILLED ME
GeneralAltair > i didnt even shoot u
Golden Helmet > According to my logs, that statement is indeed accurate. Was there a problem with the service rendered?
GeneralAltair > what service
Golden Helmet > Our premium Loot Reclamation And Redistribution service. We're the best in 10 regions
Golden Helmet > Was our service unsatisfactory?
GeneralAltair > killing me was a service
bernard mckrill > he called me a woman
GeneralAltair > if i come at ur corp will u give my money back
Golden Helmet > I'm sorry, but once service is rendered, refund is impossible
Golden Helmet > The best I can do is offer you a coupon for a free pod trip home the next time you find yourself in Old Man Star
bernard mckrill > PENIS!!

this beauty was collected after we found a lounging megathron in our home system. a few torps and fighter drones and a dramiel later. this fella was sitting comfortably in warp inside his pod....
a few moments later. HE CAME BACK! long story short he woke up in a vat and we got these juicy tears. i might add my very first ones..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

venture into parts unkn0.0n

recently I took off into nul sec, in the hopes of seing carebears in their native habitat.... to no avail there were none anywhere around! but i did get these great pictures but they are all in low sec bear with the crappy small appearance. the pics are pretty good